Student Spotlight

Chaz Giles

My approach to filmmaking is to take a single idea and build from it. I want to find the story at its most basic, down to a single emotion, tone, or mood. From there I want to build back up. Because if I know that, then I won’t lose what I wanted to capture in the more complicated parts of filmmaking. For example. In my last film the story was a woman feeding her unknowing boyfriend a good friend that had been missing. From that idea I decided to focus on a single idea. Tension. From that one word I would branch out to more complicated ideas, colors, setting, costumes, positioning of both the actors and the camera, and lighting. Before long there’s a web that leads from one idea to another. From simple to complex. From something general like wanting a bare and mute dining room as the set or to have awkward laughs and pauses, to very specific like having my actress never blink when the camera is on her. No matter how many branching additions I make, it still holds true to the idea in its simplest form.