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Welcome to the LAnder University eXchange

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The lux is a place where creativity, technology and passion intersect.

it's a physical, mental, and digital space where young minds collaborate to bring ideas to life.

 the mass communications and media arts department of lander university proudly present student work on this site.


the Lux studio

The newly rennovated LUX Studio is a 2000 sqft supercharged hot rod studio with a 4K BlackMagic Design control suite under the hood, 3 sweet BMD cameras to roll on, and some crazy kids at the wheel.


Films that killed humanity

A scientist and her trusty android must travel back in time to warn of the

impending doom caused by really, really bad films.

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LUX Originals

The LUX Studio is home to a variety of original content and series.

100% Organically made by real humans.



Conquest follows 4 players in an epic battle for galactic supremacy and cheesecake.

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Lander out loud

LOL is a reality challenge show pitting contestants against each other, against time, and against the unknown.

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Buried Secrets

A group of friends must solve a grizzly murder, but to do so will uncover secrets that might lead them to death.

Concept art for feature films